Marijuana Before Exercise Can Boost Performance

For outsiders, marijuana users have been synonymous with the word stoner for decades. The marijuana user is normally depicted as lazy, tired, and always eating. As marijuana begins to enter the mainstream in America, the typical view of the people who use the plant is changing. Many experts, athletes, and everyday exercisers believe that marijuana and exercise is a combination like no other.

A Real Runner’s “High”

In fact, in a study published on, it was revealed that for someone who has consumed marijuana recently, during exercise, THC that is stored in fat cells releases and provides the person working out with a small dose of THC similar to consuming a small amount of marijuana. The study went on to state that those with higher BMI’s are likely to have higher releases of THC during exercise. The small dose of marijuana causes a “high” similar to that of a typical runners high, providing the person exercising with a desired boost in performance.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) and the NCAA all ban the use of marijuana due to its possible performance-enhancing benefits.

Pros Use Marijuana Before Sporting Events

Many different athletes have stated they played better on marijuana. In fact, former Colorado Buffaloes and NBA star Chauncey Billups stated last year, “I honestly played with players — I’m not going to name names, of course I’m not, I’m not that kind of dude — but I wanted them to actually smoke.

They played better like that.” He went on to say, “They had big-time anxiety—a lot of things that can be affected—that it brought them down a little bit. Helped them focus-in on the game plan. I needed them to do that. I would rather them do that sometimes than drink.”

Why Use Marijuana Exercise?

The last part of his statement is the most important. Marijuana can, for athletes who constantly play under the bright-lights of national television, alleviate the stress and pressure of in-game situations, allowing for easier athletic success.  For the average person though, marijuana before a workout, especially a Satvia dominated strain can increase the energy and drive throughout the workout.

Exercise is one of the many things in life that can be enhanced by the use of marijuana, and while not every marijuana user enjoys consuming before working out, a large group of them do, and consider marijuana part of a good pre-workout warm up.

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