Marijuana reduces bladder cancer risk, study suggests

A study conducted by the National Cancer Institute shows marijuana users could be 45 percent less likely to contract bladder cancer than non-users.

The NCI examined 82,050 men of different ages and social backgrounds from 2002-2003 in order to discover any links between smoking marijuana and cigarettes with the risk of bladder cancer. Over 40 percent of those surveyed said they had used marijuana, whereas 57 percent preferred tobacco.

Following up with the study’s subjects 11 years later, as reported by FOX Business, researchers found that tobacco smokers reportedly had higher rates of bladder cancer. The report concluded that “cannabis and cannabinoids may have benefits in treating the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of cancer therapies.”

Although the study was careful not to draw a direct causation from cannabis use, the findings could open a path to further medical and scientific studies in the U.S.

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