Mark Pedersen – Patient And Advocate

Mark Pedersen – Patient And Advocate

This is what separates us from people who just have a headache. They take a Tylenol. 2 hours from now, they’re fine, they move on. Someone with a chronic illness doesn’t walk away from that illness. We live with that the rest of our lives, we deal with it the rest of our lives. I’ve often said it before, people I’ve interviewed before, I said, when the cameras go off, they go home, they, are still chronically ill. They’re still dealing with that health issue.

That’s an important thing to understand, when people say, well, there are prescription drugs that can take care of that illness, the unfortunate thing is with prescription drugs is, all prescription drugs, are only meant to be temporary, only meant for a period of time. Like, if you take an anti-depressant, they will tell you 18 months is a long time for that. You’re moving on to something else. But if you’re talking about chronic pain, you’re talking about things like hydrocodone, and then on to Oxicontine.

Well that is the end of the road folks; you can’t live forever on Oxicontine. The effects on your body, the side effects on your body are devastating. Devastating to things like your liver which you need very badly. Well, these patients, that are what they are dealing with, it’s like the next day is an end of life issue. Not just from their illness, but also from the drugs they are using to treat that illness. They are not looking at longevity, because of the treatment.

Cannabis is a treatment that they can take for an extended time. We have people 30 years using cannabis, 40 years living cannabis. Very long length of life. It’s a very healthy holistic alternative. Whenever you have something that is safer than table sugar that you’re using to treat your illness. And yet effectively treating your pain. effectively treating the spasticity from Multiple Sclerosis, effectively treating your seizures.

I have patients who prior to cannabis regularly suffered tonic colonic migraines. This is crucial. You don’t continue to suffer like that and live very long. But these people are living without. They are living without the prescription drugs and living without the seizures. So it’s crucial, it is crucial that America has this holistic alternative.

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