MM411 Patient Story – Victoria Zavala Part 2


It got to the point where I had my prescription, my recommendation. But I was so sick, and my mom didn’t know how to get medicine and I would send people to the valley that was my caregiver cause it was an hour away. I you’re sick and can’t drive, if you’re nauseous if you’re going through treatment, if you have a migraine, anything that your illness is, how do you drive far to go get something?

This was crazy. I didn’t get it.

Every weekend to get my medicine I had to travel an hour away, I had to spend an extra 20 to 30 dollars just to go get it, there was only one place available for me because of the hours that I had available to me. I had a job, I got up in the morning I took care of my daughter, I babysat a little girl, I volunteered and did community things at a park, by 4 o’clock pm I had to be ready to work until midnight. Where was I going to get my medicine? I had my daughter all day with me.


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