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Medical Marijuana for Autism Symptom Relief In Oregon

Daily Dose 2015-03-18 3 comments

An Oregon family was out of options.

Medical Marijuana for Autism symptom relief in Oregon. Alex, their 11 year old son’s autistic rage was out of control to the point that his parents had to institutionalize him. He was hurting himself and others.

His parents wanted their son back, so they tried treating Alex with medical marijuana. The results have been life changing.

When you’ve got no other options, are you honestly gonna say no?

Alex after treatment with Medical Marijuana

This is Alex after getting some marijuana on two different occasions. Note that while he’s had a pretty good amount of marijuana, he’s actually not simply happy and giggly, but also actually paying attention to what’s going on around him. For Alex, this is of critical importance for learning.

Marijuana may have long-term risks about which we know very little – but compared to the long-term risks of severe self-injury and all the meds he’s on right now, I think it’s a no-brainer which to choose.

Here is a video of Alex – before treatment and shows ‘autistic rage’.

Autistic Rage

What is autistic rage, and why would somebody use marijuana to combat it? I’ve compiled some clips from before we even *considered* marijuana just to show people how intense and dangerous a child can be. We took these videos to prove our child was hurting himself (i.e., no child abuse), and to show doctors just how intense his behaviors could be.
So when worrying about nebulous long-term effects of marijuana that may or may not even **exist**, consider the long-term effects of this kind of behavior.


  1. Julie Robinson

    Does anybody know the best strain for treating Autism please.

  2. myst7

    they have every God Given right to what is right for their child !!!! if it helps this child <that is what the child needed he was suffering pain and it was plain to see they stopped his suffering ! God Bless them

  3. Ryan

    I have something withy eyes and I smoke weed for it and it help %100 feel no pain