Medical Marijuana More Helpful Than Some Other Drugs

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In response to, “Will Payson patients grow their own pot?” I for one will not have a need (thankfully) to use medical marijuana, but am very glad those that can benefit from it will now have the option.

I did not believe that marijuana could offer relief until I saw it firsthand while watching a loved one suffering and did quite a bit of research on the topic. It worked better and was a cheaper option than all the standard drugs available.

There are thousands of deaths annually from prescription and over the counter drugs. Plus over four deaths a minute from alcohol alone! You don’t see that with marijuana, even when abused.

I am glad to see Arizona taking so many precautions to keep it from being abused.

But, like all the currently available (and much more toxic) medications, we have to be honest and say it too will unfortunately have some use outside of the intention of the law. But, this is a much safer medicine compared to almost all socially acceptable Rx and over the counter drugs, not to mention alcohol!

But now law-abiding citizens have the option! I just hope that the local police will respect patients’ and caregivers’ rights within the law.

Good job, Arizona. Third time is the charm.

Mark Emery

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