Medical Marijuana Supporter and Congressional Candidate Marcy Winograd Has High Hopes for Special Election

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  May 17, 2011

Marcy Winograd

Progressive Democrats of America’s Los Angeles Chapter was founded by her.

She was a strong challenger to Jane Harman in her last run for California’s 36th Congressional District when she received 41% against the incumbent.

Marcy Winograd, who first saw what it was like to be an advocate for social change when she was just a teenager, has found a strong coalition of support from the likes of Ron Kovic, Ed Asner, Veterans for Peace, Media Benjamin, Jodie Evens, Tim Carpenter, Jeff Cohen, Blase & Teresa Bonpane, David Swanson, and many more.

As an advocate for peace and justice, Marcy has lent her voice in solidarity and support for medical marijuana patients and caregivers who have been caught in the crosshairs of America’s War on Drugs.

As a teacher, Marcy believes when we attack are youth through over-reaching and irrational laws, we jeopardize our own future by harming the vary people that will create the solutions to the problems we’ve not yet solved.

Marcy is one of the solution-oriented, grassroots, individuals who seek to unseat the seeds of injustice by planting a community garden full of ideas healthy for us all.

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