Medicine of the Moment – Jack Herer

In Honor of Jack Herer

This week I get to tell you about a great strain and also honor the man who this strain was named after… Jack Herer.

He was one of the most important people of the 80′s and 90′s – during the heights of the drug war – to move the legalization movement forward by publishing and popularizing much of the history and uses of the herb with his landmark book The Emperor Wears No Clothes.


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I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to say that we would not be where we are now with our medical marijuana, and with the possibility of legalization on the ballot this year (this could be the year friends!) if it wasn’t for the hard work and tireless activism of Jack Herer. Thank you Jack!

Here’s a video of Jack Herer talking about the first time he smoked a joint and got high, back in the summer of 1969 – Enjoy!

Now, about the strain…

This strain was not only named after Jack, but it is a hybrid created from some of his favorite strains – Skunk #1, Northern Lights #5 and Haze. Here’s some information from the web…

The Jack Herer strain is Sativa Dominant, which is light green color with a light orange to brown hairs covering it. Great quality medical marijuana, dense buds easy to break up and work with. The taste and smell was very unique and skunk like, sharp musty and spicy.

The effects should be felt immediately after you toke up, with a very airy light headed high, just makes everything seem very delightful. Very easy to become interested in things, easy to concentrate on more then one task, overall great strain.

– One of the best strains to take your mind off whats going on and just relax.

-THC Content: 15-20%


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[ Editor’s Note: It’s with great respect that we note the passing of Jack Herer, a great hemp and cannabis activist who died this year (April 15th) at the age of 70. This was originally posted on the website for AAC, a medical marijuana collective in Long Beach on April 16, 2010 ]

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