My Medicine – By Irvin Rosenfeld Now Available

This is my book that just came out. It’s called my medicine. It’s my life story growing up with a severe bone disorder and surviving many operations, learning about medical cannabis. The wonders about it. And then my struggle to take on the federal government that took me 10 years. But in 1882 I became the second patient in the United States that started growing marijuana for me on a daily basis. I receive 300 medical cannabis cigarettes every 25 days. And I’ve been on the program since November 20th 1982. I’ve smoked from the federal government over 115 thousand medical cannabis cigarettes so far. Which is, I think would qualify me as the world record holder for smoking marijuana cigarettes. At least documented anyway. Being a federal patient, I’m allowed to smoke anywhere in any U.S. territory. So that means all 50 states, or Porto Rico, Guam, I’ve been to St. Croix. But as long as it is a U.S. territory, or if a cruise ship leaves a U.S. port, it’s considered a U.S. territory, so I am allowed to take my medicine on board or take my medicine wherever I am at that point.
You can order this book on my website, and there will be instructions on how to order it. And I think you will find it to be a very interesting, very educating and very emotional story. And one everyone can look at and put themselves into.

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