Natalie Portman Takes a Break… From Cannabis

Natalie Portman Takes a Break… From Cannabis

The fact that Natalie Portman has commented lately that she is taking a break from smoking cannabis for now says more about where we are in our society as pot prohibition goes.

Ms. Portman’s admission that she enjoyed experimenting with marijuana and other drugs, including alcohol, but not until she was at Harvard of all higher learning institutions.

Like many other kids on campus, this Oscar winner enjoyed cannabis but what sets her apart is the image-shattering icon she is bringing down.

Not her own image, icon as she is, but rather this intriguing ingenue embraces the plant and is helping restore the idea that marijuana, alcohol, and other drugs can be a very positive experience in a person’s growth.

Advocating for sensible drug use is, well, smart. Especially in light of the war on drugs using cannabis to target american citizens so the the Drug War budget can be justified.

And this time the person advocating for being smart and sensible on this issue is a 29 year old mother-to-be that has a healthy sense of humor and understands how to translate the truth in a comical way through her two ‘stoner’ comedies slated for this year.

After dancing around dramas for a decade, including her most recent Oscar-winning performance in Black Swan, Your Highness just came out this month and Best Buds is due later in the year.

For a well-respected actor to take a responsible and reasonable stance on not only her body of work, which now includes several pot pieces, but also how we perceive the messages from actors, musicians, and other artists or icons.

Changing the messaging of marijuana to include the same ‘en vino veritas’ truth revelations as alcohol might just be what the doctor ordered, and if not, a little humor wouldn’t hurt.


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