New Jersey School Board Approves Policy For Administering Medical Marijuana

The school board gave final approval to the new policy December 20th 2016

New Jersey School Board Approves Policy For Administering Medical Marijuana – Seeking to comply with state law, the Montgomery Township Board of Education has approved a new policy and regulations that outlines how medical marijuana — as prescribed by a physician — is to be administered.

The state-mandated policy allows for medical marijuana to be given to a student — for whom it has been prescribed by a physician — at school, on board a school bus or while attending a school-sponsored event. It is administered by a primary caregiver, which can be a parent.

The student-patient and the primary caregiver must have been issued a “registry identification card” by the state Department of Health. The parent must submit a written request with supporting documentation to the principal, requesting approval for the primary caregiver to assist in administering medical marijuana to the student.

 Once the paperwork has been reviewed and approved by school district officials — the school physician, school nurse and superintendent of schools — the school principal will provide the parent in writing of the approval, along with details for how it may be administered.

The medical marijuana must be in the possession of the primary caregiver at all times, except when it is being administered. The primary caregiver must comply with the requirements of the principal’s written approval for administering medical marijuana.


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