New York State Will Soon Let Patients Use Medical Marijuana In Hospitals

New York State is Making Positive Changes to Its Medical Marijuana Program

New York State will soon let patients use medical marijuana in hospitals. Hospitals will be allowed to create policies allowing patients to use the drug or have caregivers administer it to them under a regulation proposed by the state Health Department. The regulation should be in full effect by February

Other Marijuana Regulation Changes

Here are other changes in the medical marijuana program made in an announcement  by the state of New York:

Organizations licensed to grow and dispense medical marijuana will be allowed to sell it on a wholesale basis to other licensed organizations in New York state. Organizations that want to begin wholesaling must submit proposals to the state.

More brands:
Licensees can only produce and sell five brands of medical marijuana. The state is lifting that cap so dispensaries can make more varieties of medical marijuana available. The state said removing the cap on brands and allowing wholesaling will help ensure the continuous supply of medical marijuana even if a crop fails.

Medical pot for chronic pain:
The state recently announced plans to add chronic pain as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Today, the health department released its definition of chronic pain as:

“Any severe debilitating pain that the practitioner determines degrades health and functional capability; where the patient has contraindications, has experienced intolerable side effects, or has experienced failure of one or more previously tried therapeutic options; and where there is documented evidence of such pain having lasted three months or more beyond onset, or the practitioner reasonably anticipates such pain to last three months or more beyond onset.”

The proposed regulation adding chronic pain as a qualifying condition will be published in the state register, then subjected to a 45-day comment period before it can be adopted.



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