Obey Change: How the Occupy Wall St. Movement May Help the Cannabis and Hemp Industry

With the economic recovery lopsided, activists from all avenues are coming together to help occupy the financial areas of more than 70 cities throughout America, and as a new system is discussed, many issues, from immigration reform to the various wars, including the war on drugs, may be resolved.

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  October 4, 2011

Go to OccupyTogether.Org to find an occupation taking place near you.

More than a thousand people gathered in Los Angeles over the weekend in an action being dubbed Occupy Los Angeles, in solidarity with and in the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York.

While most of the media is covering the story, minus most of the mainstream media, there has been a flood of support from the underground community, as well as some celebrity endorsements and union endorsements.

In New York more than 700 people got arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge in what many witnesses are saying was a sweep, while being lead by police on their route, the same police swooped them.

There were zero arrests in Los Angeles, and over 200 people stayed the night on the first day.

Many local independent media sources are following quite closely the events taking place throughout the country, while the media camp set up at the park by City Hall where they are streaming live, along with the New York feed, people from around the world are tuning in, or turning up.

One independent radio station’s morning show, KPFK’s Uprising Radio’s had their team out to capture the story of what is happening, which can be heard on their website, and posted the following recap:

On Saturday over a thousand people gathered in Pershing Square, downtown Los Angeles and marched to City Hall in an action dubbed Occupy Los Angeles, in the spirit of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York.

Like in New York, a group of activists, called a “General Assembly” has been formed to make decisions collectively.

The demonstrations continued yesterday with many protesters pitching tents and spending the night.

The protesters are rallying with the slogan, “we are the 99 percent,” alluding to the stark wealth gap between the nation’s richest 1% and their disproportionate political power, and the rest of Americans… It is unclear how long people intend to remain in front of City Hall.

Bethania Palma is a member of the General Assembly for Occupy LA. According to her, there will be a march to a bank at 3 pm today by UTLA teachers, starting at 322 S. Lucas Avenue in LA, followed by a march by ANSWER Coalition at 5 pm to support protesters arrested in New York.


Wall Street’s occupation has seen a few celebrities and intellectuals show up, including Dr. Cornel West, Economist Richard Wolf, Chris Hedges, Filmmaker Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, and conscious-based rapper Immortal Technique.

KPFK’s guest host on another morning show, Connect The Dots, featured another speaker from the Saturday Los Angeles Occupation, Marcy Winograd, and recapped the event for us as well.

National Lawyer Guild President Jim Lafferty was also on hand, as well as Born on the 4th of July author Ron Kovic, who is featured in the video below.

Close to 500 people gather for the General Assembly Saturday night. (Photo credit: Sam Sabzehzar)

The Vote 4 Change team was also out, and in the spirit of the revolution, vegan cake is being served by Oh My Bakery and Food Not Bombs donated enough to feed an army of free thinkers the first night.

If you would like to donate food or kitchen space, please Anastasia, the Occupy Los Angeles Food Coordinator at Antithestasia@gmail.com.

You can also follow Occupy Los Angeles on Twitter @OccupyLA and on Facebook at OccupyLA, and visit their website at OccupyLosAngeles.Org.

The General Assembly meetings take place every night at 7pm, and there are many seminars and speakers, as well as the various Team Meetings that anyone is welcome to attend as well.

If you are unable to attend a revolution near you, ObeyGiant.com/VoteForChange is also receiving demand submissions.



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