It is that time of year again and Parents 4 Pot has teamed with Canna and the City are excited to be able to help more families realize an amazing holiday…but they need your help! They are expanding their reach this year and helping over 30 families.

Can you help a family in need? Every contribution helps make a child’s holiday a special one!

Parents 4 Pot and Canna and the City are asking the cannabis community to sponsor a child’s gift via the links below or simply contribute what you can to help these cannabis families in need. Parents 4 Pot has a holiday list which includes: kids whose parents are serving time for cannabis, families who have had to uproot and move to access cannabis medicines, and cannabis community families who have come on hard times that are included in this year’s holiday drive.

There are gifts of all shapes and sizes. Feel free to choose some gifts that are within your budget, or you can donate directly to the P4P Holiday Drive by PayPal. Send your donation to with “Holiday Drive” in the memo/notes section. We will select presents for families on the list for you.

Medical Marijuana 411  appreciates the support and we are consistently overwhelmed by the generosity of our community.

Below are lists for families who could use your support this holiday season:

POW Luke Scarmazzo’s Family

Luke Scarmazzo was sentenced to over two decades in prison for providing medical cannabis to patients in California. It is the most abusive sentences ever handed down by the Feds for a medical cannabis conviction. Luke has been separated from his daughter Jasmine for many years as a result. Please take the time to make this little girl’s holiday wishes come true.

To read more about Luke’s situation check out this piece he did called 8,000 days to Emancipation HERE.

POW Ricardo Monte’s Family

ricard m

Ricardo Montes was also sentenced to over two decades in prison for his role in providing medical cannabis to patients in the Central Valley of CA. he left behind two young children who could use some love from our community this holiday season. These cruel and unusual cases of extreme punishment for cannabis must stop.

POW Chris Williams’ Family


Chris is the father of a son who is in need of a few things. Please send a quick gift in appreciaton of Chris and his dedication to this cause. A small gesture can go a long way to help in these difficult days for the Williams family.

More information about Chris and his case can be found HERE.

Refugee Family the Hardys


Brittany Hardy and her daughter Jaqie are separated from Kirk and her other daughters so that she may treat her daughter’s medical condition with cannabis. The family is struggling to keep up, as they must keep up two homes in two states in addition to the expenses of having an ill child. The are advocates for cannabis freedom and have been vocal about the issues they face in their community. Jaqie is responding positively to cannabis treatment and they look forward to the day they can rejoin their family at home in Tulsa, OK.

You can read more about their situation on LadyBud here.

POW Weldon Angelos’ Family

Weldon A

Weldon Angelos has served a decade of his 55 year sentence for marijuana. His sons have grown up without their father due to unjust mandatory minimum sentencing. Weldon’s case is representative of the immorality of these laws and their impact on families. Three small time sales of about one and a half pounds resulted in this harsh sentencing because of the accusation he possessed guns at the time of the transactions. Times have been incredibly tough on the family the last few years and your support during the holidays means a lot to his two young sons.

For more information on Weldon’s case you can visit here.

POW Crystal Munoz’s Family

Crystal Munoz is currently serving 10 years and 10 months in prison for conspiracy charges for marijuana involving a larger trafficking ring. Because of prior possession charges and mandatory sentencing guidelines she received an extremely harsh sentence after pleading not guilty and going to trial. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters who could use some love this holiday season. She was pregnant with her youngest child when first put in custody. Her daughters are 7 and 8 years old now, and Crystal is working for clemency.

For more information on Crystal Munoz you can visit her page here.

POWs Jay and Danielle Wilson’s Family


This young couple was busted growing in Alabama and spent the summer of 2011 in jail awaiting bond, during which she found out she was pregnant. After waiting on trial on bond until March 2014, having afforded attorney’s fees as well as payment for expert witnesses in hopes of avoiding prison sentences of up to 15 years each., Jay and Danielle received plea sentences of 18months county (high max federal holding) jail & probation for the final charge of possession in the 1st. Jay’s release date is the end of August 2015. After Jay’s sentence is completed, Danielle must then serve her sentence.

This family is struggling both emotionally and financially after paying for all of their monthly living expenses- Rent, Utilities etc, they pay over $800 month to work release program, $60 week for bus fare. After Danielle provides for their child Skye, all extra money is split between commissary for his necessity items & phone calls average about $5 for 15 minutes.

If you would like to help this young family have a happy holiday season, please donate to their cause HERE. Nothing is more sad than seeing young parents just starting their life being railroaded by a system gone terribly wrong.

The Martinez Family- Patient Activists

Payton Martinez is a little 3 year old girl, who has been battling cancer most of her life. She was diagnosed at 5 months old, in November of 2011. She has had reoccurring tumors in her abdomen. The type of cancer she has is very rare- undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma. Payton began using cannabis oil to treat her cancer and has seen a reduction in the tumor, which is dying from the core out. The treatments and care has been difficult on the family and has taken its toll.

Help the family have a great holiday, as they work through Payton’s health issues.

Madeline Holt and Family

Maddie is a three year old little girl with a rare disease called Zellweger syndrome. While most children with this affliction rarely live past a year, young Maddie continues to beat the odds and bring joy to her family. After the disease manifested into severe seizure disorders she would suffer from violent life threatening seizures that would last over an hour with the need for constant CPR. After finding cannabis oil the family was able to dramatically reduce the seizures for Maddie, who now can go long periods of several days without seizures. Maddie resides in hospice, where her parents care for her. She is vibrant and loves watching the movies Frozen and Tangled. Her father was forced to leave his job due to taking time off to care for Maddie, and they currently survive from their daughter’s SSI income. They are an amazing family full of gratitude and joy regardless of their difficult situation, and appreciate the support the cannabis community has shown them.

Help young Maddie and the Holt family have a great holidays this year by contributing to their cause.

The Speese Family- Patient Activists

Louann Speese is a single mother of three daughters, one of who has had seizures since she was 9 days old. Because Louann dedicates so much of her time to taking care of young Diana’s health issues, it has been difficult for her to keep up with the increasing costs of life. She has been active in Pennsylvania to try and get lawmakers there to allow for medical cannabis and continues to fight for the right of her daughter to have access to cannabis medicines that have proven to be effective for her condition. This family is in need of our support this holiday season.

Please help Louann and her three daughters have a great Christmas.

Micaih Hutchens and Family- Patient Activists

Micaih Hutchens is an incredible child who has autism, epilepsy , and a brain malformation called Polymicrogyria which also involves 3 large brain tumors. On top of that, Micaiah’s parents have been incarcerated since January 2013 and he lives with family surviving on a fixed income from SSI only. The family is currently trying to figure out how to afford cannabis oil treatments, so in addition to the wish list here if there is a producer of quality medical cannabis oil in Colorado who could sponsor the family, that would be amazing. Micaih has a lot of challenges daily, and ahead.

Please find it in your heart to buy a gift for him. The family is incredibly grateful for your support in these challenging times.

Rebecca and Taylor – Patient Activists

Rebecca is the mother of 14 year old Taylor who has rare epilepsy condition called PVNH. Rebecca suffers from sever fibromyalgia and PTSD. They both get by on social security assistance and live on a fixed income. Despite the challenges they face with her epilepsy, Taylor is a vibrant child that is artistic, loves to write stories, loves music and anime. They are deeply appreciative of any help you can offer. They recently had to move to a different state to escape an unfortunate situation. They are struggling and could really use your help to make ends meet this Christmas.

Help make Rebecca and Taylor’s holidays special.

Noah Warden and Family- Patient Activists

Noah Warden was born with severe challenges due to perinatal asphyxia, not breathing or having a heartbeat for the first 13 minutes of his life. Noah had suffered “global damage” to his brain. As a result the prognosis was grim. They said Noah would mostly likely never walk, talk, eat or even breathe on his own. Today, Noah has the diagnosis of hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy resulting in spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy with athetoid movements. He is unable to walk, talk, crawl or self-feed but is cognitively very aware.  Although he has had past seizure activity he is currently seizure free and his parents have obtained a red card for Noah and are treating him his spasticity and severe sensory processing disorder and other related challenges due to his diagnosis using full plant Cannabis. His father is a truck driver and his mom is his full time caregiver, and with the cost of his care on a single income it is often hard to make ends meet. They truly appreciate the kindness and generosity of the cannabis community to help make their holidays special.

To help make a difference in Noah and his family’s life this holiday season consider getting them a gift they otherwise would not be able to afford.

The Watkins Family- Patient Activists

The Watkins have been active in cannabis reform for decades, and have dedicated a lot of time, energy and resources to ensuring patients from all walks of life have safe and affordable access to cannabis. Disability and other life challenges have forced them to shut down their patient service honour operations, due to the inability to keep up with growing business expenses of their facilities. Their family has suffered a great loss of a dear family member this year after a lengthy battle with cancer, which has also been a drain on them financially. They are in great need of your support this holiday season and appreciate whatever you can afford to give.

Help to make the Watkins family holidays special.

Lindsey Beck and Family-Patient Activists

Lindsey Beck is a patient from Connecticut who suffers from several debilitating conditions. After being prescribed several dangerous drugs to treat her conditions, she was left mostly bedridden or using a wheelchair. She then found cannabis and was able to detox from the pharmaceutical drugs she had been surviving on and was able to find real relief for her conditions through natural treatment with cannabis. She has been incredibly active in the community, testifying in front of the CT legislature about her story and was instrumental in getting them to pass medical cannabis laws that allow patients like her access to safe and effective treatments. She continues to share her success story in an effort to help others and create understanding about the benefits of medical cannabis. She has had to face attacks from the CT Department of Children and Families for her choice to use cannabis and has stood strong against their investigations and harassment. Her condition has made it difficult to make ends meet at times and her family is in need of your support this holiday season.

Help make Lindsey’s and her son’s holidays special this year.

Rumery-Shaur Family- Patient Activists

Daliyah is a bright young three year old girl who suffers from intractable epilepsy, which she treats with medical cannabis. They have found progress in limiting the seizures over the last year of cannabis therapy, but they are not fully controlled and has cognitive enhancements. They have to travel long distances for her treatment and have a difficult time due to living on a single income and raising four children, one of who has a medical condition that requires full-time care. They are grateful for the support of the cannabis community and appreciate any support you can give to help provide them with a special holiday season.

Please consider helping out this great family in their time of need.

Refugee Family the Meehans


The impact to all of the family members has been so great, but it has been worth it to see Cyndimae blossom into an interactive young girl full of life who participates in life instead of watching life go by from the sidelines in a wheelchair. She walks, runs and plays now a days.  Free from all pharma except a naturally sourced progesterone, this is solely a beautiful miracle of cannabis. It has been a very difficult, yet very rewarding journey for the family. Having the family in two locations has been very difficult on all of them. Please help make their holidays a little more enjoyable.

More information on their story can be found here.

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