Proactivism: The Making of Jack Herer Day

Jack Herer, holding a pocket watch that reads 4:20

Happy Herer Day, formally known as 420, a number synonymous with cannabis.

For Jack Herer however, his name is also synonymous with the plant as well so this 420, and every April 20 from here in out will now be known as Jack Herer Day.

Jack Herer, who passed a little over a year ago, was the author of The Emperor Wear No Clothes and is an international icon for his work on hemp and cannabis.

At 4:20 every day in America, and on April 20 every year, many recreational users of the plant gather together in unity and this year is the first year the celebration is going global.

For the most part, 420 is rarely known outside of the States, but with the celebration of Jack Herer’s life shared by those in the know, can now use the day to celebrate the plant they love and the man that helped make it all possible.

Using the day to continue the kill the rhetoric of reefer madness fits right in with Jack’s dream of one day seeing the imprisonment of the plant and it’s people freed.

This is our Independence Day, and while we won’t be lighting fireworks, what is lit can illuminate more than truth.  It can shine a light on the problems patients face while prohibition exists as well as the inefficiencies of a failed drug war and a misguided drug policy violently enforced by the police.

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