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“Shona Banda Saved My Life”

The following is a personal story from a woman who suffers from Crohn’s disease and suffers much less thanks to medical cannabis, and Shona Banda…

To Medical Marijuana 411, i would first like to say that Shona Banda
saved my life

I am a 26 year old living in NH and I’ve had Crohn’s Disease for 10 years now. I have been on all the medications that a normal doctor¬†would prescribe for a CD patient, I’ve been on Remicade, chemo twice – once when I was 18 then again this last year.

Remicade made me¬†violently sick and i was searching for a way to not have to stay on¬†it, but i just couldn’t figure it out.

Last summer I learned about the¬†MAP infection theory in Crohn’s and started taking probiotics and¬†other natural remedies, but they never took the problem away, it was¬†just like smoking marijuana, it eased the symptoms, but nothing was¬†really fixed.

One day in april, my sister called me and told me about¬†Shona’s video online and I had to check it out.

I got home and watched her video and did a little research and realized I had to do this.

I had just gone to my doctor, frustrated and upset about the condition I was in, throwing up, well more like dry heaving because I had no appetite, so I barely was eating, and horrible persistent stomach pains in the 2-3 weeks leading up to my next Remicade infusion.

Remicade is administered every 6-8 weeks in a chemo ward. My doctor’s¬†solution was double the dose and get it every six weeks instead of eight.

I¬†was thrilled, actually not really, I was devastated because I knew¬†Remicade has a half life of 30 years! and thats a lot of toxic¬†chemicals they were pumping in to me, but I could think of no other¬†solution, until Shona’s video.

I was an avid smoker for many years to help relieve my symptoms, and it was the only thing i could do besides resorting to narcotics, which thankfully i never did, to relieve my pain and stimulate my appetite. I immediately purchased a vaporizer online and started making my own oil.

I was supposed to have a Remicade infusion on April 25th, I never showed up, I had started my oil regimine just days before that. I have been on oil ever since and found it relieved my nausea almost instantly in a way that smoking could not.

Slowly my days started getting better, and my nights too!

I¬†tell people that before the oil I was running on 40% efficiency, now I¬†am at 90% efficiency and I can’t believe the drastic turnaround I have¬†had.

I still struggle with symptoms of my Crohns as i can only make a little at a time, but baby steps are better than no steps at all!

I live with my sister who does not smoke marijuana and was very skeptical of what I was trying to do, and she is very vocal to me now about how amazing she thinks that I am doing, she can hear my health in the way that I walk, is what she says, I used to struggle to get up and down the stairs, and she could hear me, now, they are just stairs, not an obstacle to my room.

I have thanked Shona for letting the world know this simple and affordable way to heal yourself and I am forever indebted to her. thank you for supporting her and

I look forward to being a member of medical marijuana 411, thank you for spreading truth and kindness to the sick, tired, and hurting people of the world!

– Patient Submitted Story