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Shona Banda Talks About What It’s Like to “Live Free or Die”

Daily Dose 2011-01-08 0 comments

Shona Banda, survivor of Crohn’s disease and author of ‘Live Free or Die

Shona Banda talks about what it was like to first discover medical marijuana.

Transcript – video below: My name is Shona Banda and I was diagnosed with Chron’s disease about 9 years ago and had every, every condition that you can think of I’ve endured. I went through the beginning stages of the disease where I was having strictures or blockages in my bowels with surgeries and drugs to fix that, all the way to the terminal stages of the disease, where I was loosing weight quite drastically and my body was starving because any food that I ate, was gone within minutes and my body was not able to absorb any nutrition I was trying to give it.

I was so sick for so long, that as soon as I tried the oil and started feeling way better; that there was no turning back that was it that was it. No medication that any doctor had ever worked that well for any reason. I had watched Rick Simpson’s movie and I live in Kansas and you need a whole pound of it to make the two ounces to cure you and I cried.

Like there is no way.

And I accidentally found out how to do it with a little fifty-dollar glass dome vaporizer and a five-dollar spatula. Scrape that stuff out and scoop it into a pill and eat it three times a day. It’s just amazing, it really is. I really was on my deathbed just lying there in my bed just waiting. Cause I was in and out of the hospital so much, and in and out of the emergency room, that the last couple of times that I went in, there’s nothing we can do for you, I had gotten to the point that I didn’t want to be a burden didn’t want to do anything, I was literally waiting to die. And that’s when I accidentally found the oil. Within three days, I no longer needed my cane, I could stand upright, and that was it. My life changed forever.