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08 Jun

Medical Marijuana Replaces Ritalin As Treatment For ADD & ADHD

Claudia Jensen Talks Medical Marijuana and ADD ADD ADHD Marijuana Treatment Replaces Ritalin – Medical Marijuana 411 Dr Claudia Jenson, who was a consultant pediatrician from USC, came up with a novel way of treating ADD/ADHD, WITHOUT any of the unwanted side effects which can result from using popularly prescribed medicines several years ago. Attention

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02 Apr

Medical Cannabis and Ritalin

David Bearman, M.D., author of “Demons, Discrimination and Dollars,” discusses with the effects of Cananbis and Ritalin. Some people use Cannabis instead of Ritalin, Dexadrine or other sympathomedic drugs other people use Cannabis with Ritalin because the side effects of Ritalin can include: depressed appetite, difficulty sleeping and jitteriness and Cannabis has the exact opposite effect, in addition to helping people to focus and concentrate more.

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