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09 Nov

More Time? Refunds? Lawsuits? City Council To Revisit Medpot Guidelines

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or outside of Long Beach) for the past two years, you have at least some knowledge of the City’s extended efforts to put a medpot ordinance in place. Those efforts were completed earlier this year and went into effect May 1. It was quite a restrictive ordinance—Mayor Foster and a couple of councilmembers (e.g., DeLong, Lowenthal) stated on more than one occasion that they wanted to err on the side of being overly restrictive, because it would be easier to loosen the restrictions later than to start off as overly permissive and need to tighten them—but at least it was in place.

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22 Sep

How Recent MEDPOT Developments May — Or May Not — Fit Together

LONG BEACH, CA – On Dec. 17 the Long Beach Police Department conducted what they’re calling “an enforcement action” concerning three medicinal marijuana facilities—two in Long Beach, one in Garden Grove (all three allegedly related—more on that below)—resulting in over a dozen arrests. But there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle; and just how they fit together is not clear.

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08 Apr

The Public Legitimization of Marijuana

What is currently front and center in our little corner of the world is the issue of medicinal marijuana—specifically, medpot collectives. As Council member Robert Garcia stated at the August 4th Council meeting, “The medical-marijuana movement is here, and it’s something we have to deal with and accept.”

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