"The Fire Baptism and the Lost Sacraments" Marijuana in the Holy Oil?

New Film Confirms Cannabis in the Holy Anointing Oil, and makes the link to this oil within early Christianity as part of the Fire Baptism of Jesus Christ. Full details at www.freeanointing.org

This Shocking New Film Documentary brings together the worlds foremost researchers on Cannabis in the Holy Anointing Oil as described in Exodus 30:23. The Holy Oil includes an ingredient translated as calamus. This translation is incorrect. Calamus contains a poison called asarone. The term Calamus was mistranslated in the earliest Greek Bible the Septuagint. The Hebrew in this case is Kaneh Bosem.

Is the Fire Baptism of Jesus Christ is illegal today? Is the Holy Anointing Oil of God is currently illegal to manufacture? The most important sacrament of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Chrismation and Anointing has been deceived for centuries. The shocking evidence will rock the Christian world.

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