The New Ricki Lake Show Tackles Tough Medical Cannabis Questions

With her new show, Ricki Lake picks up where The Business of Being Born left off regarding the right’s of parents to choose appropriate medical treatment options for their children. We go behind the scenes with Cheryl Shuman to show you two brave parents who are making tough decisions every day for their 7-year old daughter who has a better quality of life with medical cannabis helping her through cancer.

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  January 10, 2012

Brandon Krenzler (far left) with Ricki Lake and Erin and Cheryl Shuman, who are highlighting the vaporizer that is donating 15% proceeds to BraveMyKayla.

Ricki Lake is tackling what many consider to be one of the most contentious debates in health care today — medical marijuana.

In the January 10 episode of Ricki, Ms. Lake conducts a daytime exclusive interview with Erin Purchase and Brandon Krenzler, parents who have made national headlines with their controversial decision to administer medical marijuana to their 7-year-old daughter Mykayla who is battling an aggressive form of cancer.

Joining the conversation is their friend and advocate, Cheryl Shuman, and Dr. David Bearman, an expert in the field of medical cannabis and author of several books on the subject.

Erin Purchase, the mother of Mykayla Comstock, reached out to Cheryl Shuman through the Phoenix Tears Foundation.

Cheryl Shuman, who has had her own scares with cancer, knows firsthand how cannabis can help an individual dealing with cancer. After being removed from an organ transplant list because of her use of cannabis, Rick Simpson and Dr. Janet Sweeney had personally supervised the cancer treatment program that saved Cheryl’s life and asked her to help Mykayla’s family navigate the media spotlight.

Ricki’s team of producers worked with Ms. Shuman to create a well-balanced panel of patients, physicians and medical experts with miraculous cancer cures using marijuana oil, cannabis juice, vaporizers and medicated infused edibles and tinctures with proven cases of life saving treatment.

Mykayla’s mother, Erin Purchase said, “Knowing from personal experience that cancer is financially exhausting, Cheryl Shuman stepped up to the plate in our time of financial need and introduced us to Tom Allinder, CEO of RFMK, who has offered 15% of all profits from to our family as a donation.”

Tom Allinder, CEO of RFMK said, “Our goal is to help the family raise enough money for Mykayla to see her through all of her health care needs as well as to finance a college education when she officially beats cancer permanently to live a long, happy and healthy life.”

Thanks to Ricki Lake and her dedicated team of producers, Mykayla and her family may just help empower other parents to have a conversation that includes medical cannabis as a treatment option for their child, or loved one of any age for that matter.

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