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The Rick Simpson Story: Healing Cancer with Cannabis

bohan 2016-03-03 1 comment

Rick Simpson cured his own cancer with cannabis oil and tells us his story

In 2003 Rick Simpson rediscovered this cure for cancer when he successfully cured his own skin cancer with cannabis oil. He tried to tell his own doctor and even some of the cancer organizations but nobody wanted anything to do with his discovery. So he took matters into his own hands. He started growing his own cannabis and producing his own cannabis oil. He gave it away for free to anyone who was sick. He has healed over 5000 people with this amazing medicine.

Rick Simpson is one of the only people brave enough to take a stand for what is right . He continues to push for cannabis oil, even with the world against him. will stand with him in this fight. Together we will fight to get cannabis legalized. We cannot let politician and doctors kill us any longer with all their unjust laws and chemical drugs. We have to take back our right to this amazing plant.


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  1. Chris

    Wow. This is a picture from my film and my film, which is actually hosted on Vimeo. Can you contact me. Chris Harrigan on fb. There is much you should know…