The Unconventional Foundation for Autism and the “I Support Joey’s Mom” Wristband

Mieko Hester-Perez has watched her son Joey suffer the symptom of autism, from when he was only 46 pounds and malnourished, to more than doubling his weight and showing great signs of improvement.  Mieko thanks medical marijuana for this, as it helps Joey heal the damage from 13 different medications as well as stimulate his appetite and improve his ability to be receptive to different forms of therapy.

Aquatic therapy was recently denied to him by Children’s Hospital of Orange County and after his sessions have stopped he will need to have money raised to continue his treatments outside of CHOC in order to continue on his path towards a better quality of life.

Now you can support Joey by supporting Unconventional Foundation for Autism’s “I Support Joey’s Mom” Campaign, raising  awareness and money for Joey and other special needs children who have had their services denied and need financial support. If  you would like to order a bulk amount to distribute, contact Mieko through her website, Please click on the picture and  show your  support today!

There are several key players that have partnered to help UF4A and you can pick up a wristband from any of the following places as  well:  Harmony On Planet Earth (H.O.P.E.) and OtherSide Farms for Orange County California residents, while LA County, San  Diego and Northern California supporters can go to the website.

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