US Attorney Melinda Haag Cancels Appearance After Medical Cannabis Advocates Plan Protest

Hours after confirming she would attend, US Attorney Melinda Haag backed out at the last minute of a panel discussion at Golden Gate University where she was to moderate a discussion on the role of the 21st century prosecutor, in front of a group of law students, who had no reservations voicing their distaste for the over-zealous and borderline criminal prosecutor.

By Sam Sabzehzar  |  January 23, 2013

SF ASA spokesperson Caren Woodson, tells KTVU 2 News how Haag has contributed to killing access.

The San Francisco Chapter of Americans for Safe Access had short notice, but it was all they needed to make a big enough splash to send US Attorney and current punching bag Melinda Haag, packing.

“I’m disappointed that Ms. Haag was a no-show for this event. 21st century prosecutors ought to have the courage to show up and account for their actions. When Ms. Haag is ready to come out of hiding, SF ASA with be right there to defend state laws against her continued rogue attacks,” said Caren Woodson, spokesperson for the San Francisco chapter of Americans for Safe Access.

Haag’s boss, Attorney General Eric Holder has repeatedly said (including as recently as this week when he met with Washington’s AG and Governor) that resources would not be used to go after those following local and state law.

Haag hasn’t gotten the memo, hasn’t read the memo, or has received contradictory advise that has not yet been published.

Until some of the goons in government get out of the way, a world of social justice partners will be in theirs, and on the West Coast it’s starting in San Francisco.



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