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92 Year Old Italian Grandma Makes Marijuana Edibles

Daily Dose 2015-03-18 3 comments

Meet Aurora Leveroni, aka ‘Nonna Marijuana, she is one of the coolest grandmothers you will ever meet

92 year old Italian Grandma makes marijuana edibles. Not only does she grow multiple strains of cannabis at her house in northern California, but she uses these plants to cook medical marijuana edibles. Being Italian, naturally her favorite dishes to cook are Italian food.

Why does Nonna love cooking marijuana? Perhaps it all stems (pun intended) from her daughter, Valerie, who at one point was on multiple different pharmaceuticals for seizures. After educating herself on the health benefits of medical cannabis, she started self-administering cannabis and in a small amount of time she was able to discontinue all pharmaceutical drugs.

Valeria describes why she started using cannabis as her medicine

I was suffering a significant number of seizures per day, and I was strung out on pharmaceuticals, they weren’t making any difference. I was desperate, so I started experimenting with medical marijuana and in about 3 1/2 weeks I noticed a difference in my seizures. I stopped taking pharmaceuticals, and started calling cannabis my medicine.

Valerie is one of the founders of WAAM (Women/Mens Alliance for Medical Marijuana),  which is responsible for helping to pave the way for medical marijuana use in California. “WAAM is an organization supplies patients and their caregivers medical marijuana on a donation basis.”

Watch the video and meet this dynamic duo taking the medical marijuana industry by storm!


  1. Zen Cowgirl

    What a delightful lady! I bet the love she puts in her food also is medicinal! This video is sweet, funny and very educational. Wonderful how it has helped so many people with out bad side effects! Bravo!!! Thanks for the great work Nonno thanks for your great work! 🙂

  2. Roxanne. Ignacio

    I have been unsuccessfully trying to gain control of my grand mal seizures and cluster seizures for over 36 years with pharmaceuticals as well as a vns implant. I have studied and read everything I could get ahold of regarding THC/CBD forms of medicating to control seizures. I found during the late 70’s and early 80’s that I had much fewer seizures while I indulged in smoking and edibles. Then noticed here as of late all research and desperately want to start back. I have also been diagnosed with colon cancer as of 2007. Been out of work and fighting for disability since 2010, unsuccessfully in the state of NC, and am finally going to be coming back to California, in Grand Terrace, and desperately want to find a reputable supplier of medicinals and someone experienced with seizures. I am hoping to back there this summer. If you could be of any assistance, with indformation I would be so very grateful! Thank you!

    • Peg. Finley

      I’ve had R.A. Sense 1987, & Been on almost Every New Drug that comes out, until it stops working, then I start on a new one….Including Shots…..The last Couple of years have been almost unbearable with the pain, & Watching my Feet, & Hands Slowly Get Deformed, ….I Have the paperwork from the State of Illinois Medical Marijuana Program, but I Can’t Find a Dr. To fill out His Part for me to get a Card…I feel like I’m running out of time to try to Heal my Body.
      I want to try Cannabis Oil, …..I’m 67 yrs. Old, & Tired of just Existing, ….I want so bad to Enjoy the time I have left.
      The Good Days are getting farther, & farther apart……Bad day’s Spent in Bed…..Please Help me !