Autism Awareness and Medical Marijuana

Autism and medical marijuana

From Kreed’s World: “A video explaining what’s been happening, especially the events of last night. Today has been on and off. We have figured out that it appears he has a cold. Which causes massive headaches and weird feelings for him. And his blood sugars plunge every few hours. We have to dose him more frequently with medical marijuana to keep him comfortable. When it wears off he goes back to raging. It’s quite the dance we now have to do. And exhausting. So I say to people- are you autism aware? Do you know that some families deal with incredible self injury and aggression even with something like a cold. He doesn’t understand a cold, only that his head hurts and he wants to cause damage. Sometimes the most we can do in a day is survive. And some days we barely do.
This is our life right now, barely surviving and trying to get Kreed through this sickness with minimal damage. You know, after we already got him through a neuropathy flare up, tonic clonic seizure with his heart stopping, and a status migraine post seizure. Now a cold. Some days I don’t know what to say. This is our life. Our story. Our truths. Nothing more, nothing less.”


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