“Joey’s Updated Journey” Autism and Medical Marijuana

“Joey’s Updated Journey” Autism and Medical Marijuana

Marijuana saves child’s life- Proven to be a safe and effective medication management choice.

By: Lindsay Rogers

Prescription drug use is growing faster among children than the elderly and baby boomers. According to reports in medical journals such as the Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, the number of children on psychiatric meds has skyrocketed in recent years.  Despite the unknown risks, more kids are using prescription drugs than ever before. But when it comes to medicating kids with cannabis, the issue just becomes too taboo.

The mainstream medical community shuns the subject, and the government refuses to fund any research that would legitimize marijuana use in treating autism, aggression disorders or any other illness.

Even in compassionate states where medical marijuana is legal, doctors and teachers will jump on the chance to medicate without ever discussing cannabis as a medication management choice.

Mieko Perez knows this scenario all too well. Her son Joey almost died as a result of all the experimental medications he was prescribed.


Joey was diagnosed with Autism at 18 months old.  Following doctors orders and taking the advise of Joey’s teachers, Mieko placed her son on medication at the age of 5. At just 10 years old, his fragile body couldn’t handle the toxic cocktails prescribed by his doctors any longer.  His mother, Mieko, was helpless. Then she received the most heart-breaking news of all. Joey was given approximately 6 months to live. The doctors had no answers, but they did agree to experiment some more with the combination of a few more drugs. Knowing her son was starving himself to death as a result of a side effect from the medications he was on, Mieko knew Joey couldn’t handle anymore dangerous medications. The medications he was on, and had been experimenting with since the age of 5 had taken their toll on little Joey’s body. His body  was slowly shutting down. All of his friends and family were watching him slowly fade away. Not only had Joey became anorexic, but his legs had given out on him also. His muscles were weak, his bones were fragile, he could no longer eat or walk. His mother was told she would be planning a funeral for Joey by the years end, and was told he wouldn’t make it until his 11th birthday on March 1st, 2010.

The doctors who told Mieko that news didn’t know the person they were talking to. Giving up was not an option. She clung onto Joey tightly and prayed for a miracle.  Her experience in legal research has helped her along the way. To date, this is the most important research she has ever done.

Mieko believes through a divine intervention she found the research of Dr. Bernard Rimland, founder of the Autism Research Institute. She did extensive research into the bio-med protocol set forth by  Dr. Rimland.

Mieko gathered research and studies and armed herself with tons of  compelling evidence of the benefits of Medical Marijuana. She then presented it to Joeys doctor. Joeys doctor agreed that this option might help, and she wrote Joey a recommendation for Medical Marijuana. Doctors may not prescribe marijuana for medical use under federal law, though they can recommend its use under the First Amendment.

Mieko has never smoked marijuana, and has never tried cannabis in any form. As scary as this was for her, she knew deep down that she had nothing to loose. She knew her son was on deaths door and she was desperate to get him to eat. She was educated enough to know with certainty that this was not going to kill Joey- she was comforted by the fact that to this day there is not one reported death from marijuana or even such a thing as a fatal dose- no matter what amount Joey consumed. He would NOT die from marijuana use- it can not happen- it’s physically impossible. This was a very crucial and comforting fact. One that helped Mieko make the best decision of Joey’s life- to treat him with Medical Marijuana.

That was almost a year ago. Today – Joey is THRIVING! His improvements go above and beyond anything Mieko or all of Joeys doctors could have ever imagined.

Although Medical Marijuana is not known to be a cure for Autism, It has been proven to facilitate “Life” for my son; and has ushered him into his most progressive developmental period ever. Today, at age 11, Joey is flourishing with new communicative expressions, he’s gained over 40 lbs, he’s happier, healthier, better behaved & is more productively active than ever before. My son has made so many PROFOUND improvements with the help of MMJ (Medical Marijuana) – This treatment is not a cure but, defiantly an effective medication that has made a difference in Joey’s life” claims Mieko.

Mieko believes Joey IS the research that is needed and that his success with Medical Marijuana proves  the Compassionate Use of Medical Marijuana SAVED HER SONS LIFE!

At the start of Joeys first Medical Marijuana ‘Brownie’ treatment, Joey was only in the 5th percentile of his growth chart. In the first 8 months of treatment, Joey has climbed above the 70th percentile! He has gained approximately 40 pounds- almost doubling his weight. His eating disorder is a thing of the past. He has eliminated the dangerous medications that were slowly poisoning his body.  He is making progress physically, mentally, and emotionally everyday!

Some of the documented improvements that have been noted by Doctors, Teachers and caregivers include:

  • Improved attitude/mood: He is happier now and healthy. He is coming out of his shell  and showing his true personality.
  • Improved sociability with peers: This behavior is present at school and at home.
  • Improved concentration: He is able to focus his attention and work on given tasks.
  • Improved sleep pattern: Joey would stay up for weeks at a time. He could not rest  comfortably. His sleep was unpredictable. Mieko spent many long nights trying to comfort her son. Now his body is at peace and he comfortably rests through the night.
  • Improved receptive and expressive language: This is the first time in Joeys life he has shown improvements in this area. Improvement started to occur immediately after the start of the Medical Marijuana treatment.
  • Improved Anxiety aggression, and appetite: Improvements in these areas were so dramatic that Joey was  able to eliminate the ineffective prescription medications he’d currently been using to unsuccessfully treat these conditions.

Joey also suffered with life long diarrhea. Nothing was effective for treating this condition. Since the start of the Medical Marijuana, Joeys bowel movements are normal for the first time ever!


One thing on which we can all agree is that there needs to be much more medical research into this issue. We need to become active and encourage Congress and the President to take the advise of the American Medical Association who stated that “the Schedule I status of marijuana be reviewed with the goal of facilitating clinical research and development of cannabinoid-based medicines, and alternate delivery methods.”

Continue the fight, call local law makers and do your own research so people fighting for reformation aren’t stigmatized as “stoners who just want to get high”.


Mieko has went a step further than just helping to save her sons life. She has started UF4A.org, a foundation that is geared to help parents make informed decisions about their child’s treatment options and to help parents fight to save their own child’s  life.

UF4A is quickly becoming a leading advocate in the fight for nationwide investigation, research and analysis of the legalization of Medical Marijuana; in accordance with similar terms & conditions set forth by The California Compassionate Use Act. Contributions will directly help support the advancement of our mission.

Mieko recently represented the UF4A at the 420 Science and Compassionate care seminar in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  This was her experience.

420 University Science and Compassionate care seminar  July 10th & 11th, 2010 was not only an honor but, an educational “world wind” of knowledge that is helping me arm myself with a wealth of information  to  be a better advocate for parents, who are depending on me.

When I speak of doctors I admire and have helped me give my son life and now help me give other children life…there’s no internet research going on here, I have personally spoken with the best in their field.

Dr. Grinspoon, Dr. Robert Melameade, Dr. William Courtney, Jorge Cervantes, Dr. Mark Sircus, Dr. Rebecca Hedrick of UCI Medical Center and Dr. Talleyrand

And when I think of the Medical Marijuana Community who stands behind me not just “in spirit” but as Joey’s soldiers like: Michael Lerner, William Beaton of 420 University, NORML’s Woman’s Alliance, Montel Williams, Other Side Farms.com, MedicalMarijuana411.com  and numerous publications through out our county and over sea’s

I’ve made it my personal mission to remain “pro-life” and pro-active with common minds and these are the people helping me, so I can help families who need my support.

I have a message to those doctors who would rather honor insurance companies than the oath they took when they became doctors to preserve life:

Medical Marijuana is safer than most foods we consume today – ask any non government funded scientist. Medical Marijuana is GLUTEN FREE and it’s about time the autism community starts OPENLY talking about it!

I am speaking out for hundreds and thousands of families that have said ‘we are behind you, Mieko.  Please help us; help our children.

This is America, and we are the research you are looking for.  This conclusive research calls me all day, Monday thru Sunday. I’m not selling HOPE. Look at my son!

And I’m also not going to tell you all treatments don’t work – as a matter of fact, they all work!!

But I am 80% sure there are far more families who share our story than the rate I SEE on CDC reports

In light of the UK announcing their new cannabis approved drug within the last few months, I’m extending my foundation and my consulting services.  Medical marijuana is the future.  Invest in The Unconventional Foundation for Autism where Joey’s mom’s information is saving lives one brownie at a time!

What medical marijuana, as a biomedical treatment, has done for Joey, 13 “APPROVED” toxic medications could not do by a guessing medical community who still does not understand autism.

The bottom line is revisions need to be made.  Rules are broken everyday in politics to fill someone’s pocket.  Don’t you think it’s about time we throw money into research that will be used to save a life?  With the rise of autism, many lives will be impacted!

I would love to tell you my son is the only child that has been given life from marijuana, but I would be wrong.

I’m grateful that I live in a compassionate state where families contact me with the same “science REPORT RESULTS” in their children. Marijuana gave their child life TOO!!


Executive Director of  The Unconventional Foundation for Autism

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