Legal Canadian Cannabis Grow Sets New Record

In October 2017, Tweed Farms, a Canadian-based cannabis company, began harvesting a 350,000 square foot cannabis grow. Tweed claims that they have the largest legal grow in the world. A beautifully shot video by Lossless TV shows the sheer size and scope of the Tweed Farms greenhouse. According to Tweed, “The greenhouse at Tweed Farms is an environmentally friendly operation, capable of growing large quantities of sun-grown cannabis through the use of recycled rainwater.”

This greenhouse has cannabis strains of different flavors, THC, and CBD levels. These plants supply the cannabis source for all of their different brands. Some of those well-known brands include DNA Genetics, Leafs by Snoop, and Foria. In the video below, Shega Youngson, National Community Engagement Manager for Canopy Growth Corporation, states that Tweed has “teams dedicated to each part of the process” of growing and harvesting cannabis. She also mentions that Tweed is focused around “human rights and community building” and working to phase out the “illicit gowers” in the black market.

Environmentally Friendly Legal Cannabis

Canada won’t likely have legal recreational cannabis until the end of this summer but their medical cannabis program has been up and running for years. The demand for recreational cannabis in Canada is incredibly high. The Canadian government is expected to collect over $4 billion in tax revenue by 2021 and businesses like Tweed are prepared to help meet the expected product demand.

The 350,000 square foot environmentally friendly cannabis grow that Tweed Farms recently harvested is one of the largest ever. It is the perfect example of the future of sustainable cannabis farms working hard to meet the massive demands from consumers around the world. Tweed will continue to maintain its role as one of the largest cannabis farms in the world but expect other cannabis companies to ramp up their grow facilities.

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