Chauncey Billups Admits That He Is Among Those Who Use Marijuana For Medical Purposes

Billups, Though Retired Since 2014, Advocates The Lifting Of The Ban Of Medical Marijuana

Chauncey Billups admits that he is among those who use marijuana for medical purposes. With this, he stands with all other NBA players and big shots who wants to change the anti-drug policy of the biggest Basketball Association.

Chauncey Billups was nicknamed as “Mr. Big Shot”, thanks for his reputation for making big shots during the playoffs. However, his recent comment regarding the use of marijuana created a stir within the NBA circle.

Billups, though retired since 2014, advocates the lifting of the ban of medical marijuana. For him, marijuana does not hinder someone from playing to the maximum efficiency, but instead works the opposite – it gives the needed focus and boost in play  for players.

Billups Confession

During an ESPN NBA Countdown show, Billups spoke about Phil Jackson’s comment about Jay Williams’ reliance on Oxycontin and painkillers, instead of getting benefit from the use of medical marijuana.

“I honestly played with players – I’m not going to name names; of course I’m not — I wanted them to smoke,” the five-time NBA all-star and current ESPN commentator said Friday night. “They played better like that. Big-time anxiety, a lot of things can be affected — (marijuana) brought ’em down a bit. It helped them focus in a little bit on the game plan. I needed them to do that. I would rather them do that than, sometimes, drink.”

For people like Phil Jackson and Chauncey Billups, medical marijuana should be recommended as an alternative pain relief for players suffering from injuries while playing basketball. They want to petition for a change in the anti-drug policy of NBA, where marijuana is included to be illegal.

“Obviously, you’re always going to be able to regulate things. Alcohol’s legal, but you can’t do it while you’re driving,” Billups said. “When you’re talking about protecting your investment, protecting these players, medicinal marijuana, if that’s something that can help out with your franchise, with your organization, with your players, [then] that’s something, that’s a discussion that needs to happen.”

However, in the United States, there are already several states and regions which legalized the use of marijuana for medical purposes – something of which Billups is claiming to be reason enough for the NBA to review their policies.

For him, smoking marijuana pregame can help a player heighten his focus to make the best play possible for someone. It worked for Billups himself, so he openly suggest the same method to other players as well.

The media may have had a vague portrayal of marijuana use which have led most to think negatively about the use of marijuana. But for Billups, that shouldn’t be the case.

Now, aside from Mr. Big Shot, lots more of NBA players and marijuana advocates are seeking review to the Association’s policy on drugs – and hoping soon that marijuana becomes a legal alternative for pain relief.

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