KFPK Offers Cannabis-related "Thank You Gifts" During Fund Drive

The new community-run KPFK 90.7 FM's T-shirt, "Radio for the 99%". Online at www.kpfk.org

Pacifica Radio’s Los Angeles station, KPFK Radio, is in the middle of the autumn fund drive and once again will be featuring cannabis-related materials as gifts to those who donate to the community-run radio station.

What if Cannabis Cured Cancer will be featured tonight at 5pm (PST) and the director, Len Richmond, will be in the studio to discuss the latest research relating to medical cannabis and the Endocannabinoid Signaling System. (Click here to hear an archive of the show)

Other films, like Cancer: The Forbidden Cures, underscores cannabis and hemp oil as an example of many of the alternative approaches to treating cancer that have been kept from the public due to various controls put in place by the AMA and Cancer research organizations.

There are many other Thank You gifts available as well, including exclusive footage from the Occupation movements, Koch Brother’s Exposed, by Brave New Films, and Dr. Gabor Mate’s books relating to addiction, stress, and the harm reduction model for treatment and healing.

Relating to the War on Drugs, Dr. Gabor Mate tells Democracy Now!’s Amy Goodman that addiction is caused primarily by an atmosphere of stress, so criminalizing addicts and imprisoning them is the last thing that person needs, and the last thing society should do to someone who is already suffering.


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