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Medicinal cannabis grower remanded on bail

Daily Dose 2011-04-20 0 comments

Peter Davy (Photo credit: ONE News)

A man who is dying from cancer and claims he grows cannabis for medicinal purposes has been remanded on bail, pending a psychiatric report.

Peter Davy, 51, faces charges of possession of cannabis, cultivating cannabis, importing cannabis seeds and unlicensed possession of a rifle.

He and his wife, who has MS, both claim they use the drug to relieve their pain.

Davy is threatening to go on a hunger strike if he has to go to jail, and his supporters staged a peaceful protest outside the Timaru District courthouse this morning.

“His only crime is wanting to be healthy enough to function properly and to take care of his dying partner,” Jasmin Hewlett wrote in a letter to encourage people to back Davy’s cause.

“This is a clear breach of their human rights and shows that there really is no compassion left in the New Zealand Court system.”

Davy is due back in court on May 22, and will feature on TV ONE’s Close Up tonight at 7.00pm.

Published in TVNZ