William “Bill” Britt Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana 411  interviews William Britt who suffers from polio and epilepsy. Due to his conditions, Bill suffers from: pain, depression, nausea and insomnia. Bill talks about the effects of cannabis (marijuana) with asthma.

More About William Britt:

William Britt has over Thirteen years of experience working with attorneys and has attended over 500 court proceedings throughout Southern California, reading numerous police reports, listening to testimony from experts, police and witnesses, reviewing cannabis evidence, providing reports with weights, photos, estimates of plant yields etc. and testifying on issues such as cultivation crop yields, methods of distribution, and patterns of use by medical and non-medical users.

He has investigated more than 300 individual cases and testified as an expert on cannabis over 80 times. Heard police officers testify at least 200 times. Examined, evaluated, weighed and photographed cannabis plant material at least 60 times.

From January 2007 to present, he has worked as amicus curae to several courts and jurists, including courts in the counties of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego and Ventura.

He has spent over 1000 hours interviewing defendants and witnesses, qualified medical cannabis patients, recreational users of cannabis, doctors and police officers, including discussions on legal aspects, patterns of personal use and cultivation techniques. He has also visited and inspected numerous indoor and outdoor legal medical cannabis cultivation sites. (40+)

Specialties:• Appraisal of cannabis value on both a wholesale and retail basis.
• Patterns of use of cannabis by qualified patients and methods of ingestion.
• Cannabis yields and different formulas used by law enforcement.
• Cannabis cultivation methods, (indoor and outdoor).
• California Prop 215 and the Medical Marijuana Program Act (SB420).
• Methods of acquiring marijuana: Collectives, Co-ops, and the Black Market.

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