Montana Rep. David Howard Calls Medical Marijuana a 'Scourge'

Rep. David Howard (R) may have forgotten what 'scourge' means when calling medical marijuana 'a scourge'.

Montana Representative Ellie Boldman Hill (D) defends medical marijuana patients and illustrates the unanticipated needs a medical patient experiences daily.

Meanwhile, her Chair on Montana’s Executive Action Committee while debating SB423 Rep. David Howard, explains all he learned about marijuana is that it is ‘like arsenic’ and ‘a scourge’ because it is a Schedule I drug.

Lacking logic, the representative continued to propagate reefer madness rhetoric, referring to how he wants it regulated while at the same time thinks a dying person should have it, but know how to get it grown faster than a terminal patient has time.

House Human Services April 6, 201122 David Howard calls us Scourge

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