More Labs for Medical Marijuana Prove Testing to Benefit Growers, Patients, and Dispensaries

Botanical Analytics tests medical marijuana for various properties, including CBD and THC levels.

Botanical Analytics, a lab that tests medical marijuana for CBD and THC levels, as well as for mold, bugs, etc., gives Steep Hill Lab some breathing room as more and more people are sending their medical marijuana to the lab for testing.

Laboratories that test medical marijuana are becoming so busy that sometime the turn-around time for the results won’t even get back in time before the medicine is already gone.

There are even labs in Montana and Colorado now to meet the growing demand to verify the quality of the medicine is not compromised, and in fact, learning the various levels and how they interact with your own body is key to understanding how your body heals.

The Werk Shop is a Southern California-based laboratory that also specializes in medical marijuana and will come to you (depending on location) to grab an unbiased sample to be tested from various parts of a supply.

Patients, growers, and dispensaries all benefit from the lab results, and sharing the information from the results allows the researchers to discover more about marijuana as a plant medicine from a scientific perspective.

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