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By Adam Mintz | Steep Hill Lab Company CEO, AnnaRae Grabstein, “Steep Hill Lab loves to solve problems. Utilizing available science and technology, with collaborations from the industry, we have created a great solution to the inherent obstacles of cannabis testing and made it readily available to everyone in all compassionate states.” Steep ... Read More
February 12, 2012Sam Sabzehzar
23 Fantastic Health Benefits Of Medical Marijuana


A GUIDE TO EVALUATING CANNABIS 2 Nicholas King Alpine Herbal Wellness Last month I described key considerations to look for when evaluating the results of growing operations for cannabis.  In this month’s installment, I look at issues more related to the quality of the smoking or vaporizing experiences. CONSUMPTION CONSIDERATIONS Harsh/smooth smoke Initial rate of drying ... Read More
March 30, 2011Daily Dose


“Every industry has some sort of quality control... If this is going to be an industry, we’re going to treat it as an industry,”  Full Spectrum Laboratories
December 8, 2010Daily Dose


Botanical Analytics, a lab that tests medical marijuana for CBD and THC levels, as well as for mold, bugs, etc., gives Steep Hill Lab some breathing room as more and more people are sending their medical marijuana to the lab for testing.
November 24, 2010Daily Dose



What’s in Your Weed?

When Valerie Curran asked college students to put her in touch with their doobie-smoking friends, she was being serious. Curran is neither a drug dealer nor abuser, but she does tote a license to carry marijuana. She is a scientist at University College London, where she’s studying the ... Read More
November 24, 2010Daily Dose


New Lab Testing Medical Marijuana For THC And CBD Content, Among Other Things Steep Hill Medical Collective, a laboratory based in Venice, California, began testing medical marijuana from different collectives, growers, and patients back as early as 2008. Steep Hill Medical Collective, a laboratory based in Venice, California, began ... Read More
February 24, 2010Daily Dose