New School in Pasadena to Teach Sustainable Practices, including Permaculture, Canning, and Cannabis Classes

Grand Opening in Pasadena Finds Familiar Faces, Positive Response

Lisa Chick (left) and The Source supporters, including Joe Grumbine, who recently cut his hair, celebrate the school's grand opening. Photo credit:

It has taken several years to come together, and this past Sunday night the grand opening at a new school in Pasadena, aptly called “The Source”, found a warm and friendly welcome with new and old friends alike.

The brainchild of Lisa Chick, and utilizing a space graciously provided by Liz McDuffy (of MCC), The Source will offer classes in typically found at cannabis ‘colleges’ sprouting up, but only as part of a greater ecosystem relying on many healing herbs, and the positive space that healing comes from in the individual.

There will also be classes that cater to the ‘old-fashioned’ skills that many in America have lost, such as canning, preserving, and community building business practices.

“Tonight serves as a grand opening, and as a planning session for several upcoming events, including actions for Joe Grumine in Long Beach in the upcoming weeks,” says Ms. Chick.

“Establishing a community resource, a new school that can teach sustainable practices as well as go back to the ancient wisdoms and traditions is essential for our survival, not just economically, so taking an all-encompassing approach, applying a holistic model to treat not just the symptoms, but the source of any problem… it’s a shift in consciousness, a shift in our source so that we can be a source of positive change in the world starting at the  local level.”

A full schedule of classes will be available for download soon and Medical Marijuana 411 is a proud media sponsor of the school.

Cynthia Johnston and Susan Soares share smiles, as friendly and familiar faces gathered to celebrate the opening.
Lisa Chick welcomes a gathering of supporters to the grand opening of The Source, a new school focusing on sustainable practices to sustain our planet, and include cannabis-related classes as well.
Therapy dogs not only help humans, but other dogs that have lived through traumatic experiences. Thanks to the generosity of LIz McDuffy, of MCC (left), The Source found a home to help the community from.









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