Marijuana Helps Parkinson’s Patient Improve Quality of Life

Katerina Venderova  from  Movement Disorders Journal conducted a survey of Parkinson’s disease patients using medial cannabis and reported that “39 patients (45.9%) described mild or substantial alleviation of their PD symptoms in general, 26 (30.6%) showed improvement of rest tremor, 38 (44.7%) had improvement in bradykinesia, 32 (37.7%) had alleviation of muscle rigidity, and 12 (14.1%) had improvement of L-dopa-induced dyskinesias. Only 4 patients in this survey (4.7%) reported that cannabis actually worsened their symptoms.

Patients using cannabis for at least 3 months reported significantly more alleviation of their Parkinson’s disease symptoms in general.”

David, who has Parkinson’s disease, has been using medical marijuana to help improve his quality of life.

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