Former NFL Superstar Ricky Williams Advocates Cannabis For Constipation Relief

Over his career, former Heisman trophy winner and NFL superstar Ricky Williams played for multiple teams including the New Orleans Saints and Miami Dolphins. During that time, he was known throughout the NFL for his recreational use of marijuana. Though he was not the only NFL player who was an advocate for cannabis, Williams was one of the most high-profile and outspoken supporters of cannabis use.

Following an early retirement, Williams started Real Wellness, a cannabis company that sells vape cartridges and other cannabis-related products. In a new feature from the New Yorker, he opens up about his new studies at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, in Santa Monica, CA. There he has learned more about cannabis, cannabis seeds, and other non-traditional herbal remedies.

Cannabis For Social Anxiety Disorder

Ricky Williams has been an outspoken figure in favor of cannabis legalization and about the reasons he has used the plant. During his career, Williams used cannabis to treat his struggles with social anxiety disorder – a debilitating condition that can make it difficult to leave the house or interact with people. Luckily, there are many cannabis strains that can help to alleviate some of the symptoms of social anxiety. Typically, the best strains for anxiety have higher CBD ratio than others.

Though Williams used a safe and natural alternative to addictive anti-anxiety medication, he was suspended multiple times by the NFL and once missed an entire season. He estimates that he lost over $10 million dollars in his career due to his failed drug tests. While his career was filled with many controversial moments related to his marijuana use, Williams remains an active advocate of cannabis use to this day.

Herbal Education

At Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, Williams is receiving an education on Chinese non-plant herbs such as “radish seeds, chicken gizzards, and gecko.” One other notable herb he has been learning about more is the cannabis seed. When introducing cannabis in the New Yorker piece, he mentions that he uses cannabis for constipation relief. Though the literature on cannabis seed as a laxative is minimal, Williams says that cannabis seeds, along with their flowers, are mentioned as laxatives in “the ancient pharmacopoeia text.”

Williams has always been interested in non-traditional hobbies – including becoming a certified yogi, learning how to perform craniosacral therapy, studying astrology, and studying non-traditional medicines. He will continue to be an outspoken supporter of cannabis legalization and the medical benefits cannabis provides.

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