Surgery REVERSED by Cannabis Oil from vaporizer!

Surgery REVERSED by Cannabis Oil from vaporizer!

Illegal survival, My Story.

Crohn’s and Me, a bit of history:

Until recently, and as far back as grade school I was plagued with stomach and bowel issues. Though It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that a doctor was finally able to give a name to what was wrong with me.

Unfortunately what wasn’t known at the time (1997-ish) was how severe or how many types of Crohn’s disease I had. That would all play out in the years to follow, leading up to more recent events.

In the mean time, I had been on everything from asacol to steroids, 6mp, Remicade and worse. That was the easy part, I had undergone 33 surgeries total for Crohn’s related issues including bowl resections, various forms of fistula repair, a mucosal flap, and a temporary colostomy.

After spending the last seven years in and out of doctors offices and on various medications, infusions, and home injectables I had yet to attain a reversal of my colostomy, which had since herniated. At this point I had all but decided It just wasn’t going to happen.

I decided on nothing more than faith in God that he would see me through and went again to the GI doctor for yet another test hoping for his approval to go forward with a reversal surgery. I returned home with pictures of ulcerations, narrowing of my bowl, and a recommendation for further testing and medications.

Shona Banda

Having discovered the benefits of smoked marijuana in 2005 I have a few friends “In the circle”. I logged onto my FB and noticed Radical Russ (host of NORML show live) had added a new friend, Shona Banda Live free or Die. Being that my wife had already brought her video to my attention, I just had to investigate.

Upon arriving at Shona’s FB page I clicked the first available link, It was a video titled “Shona Banda – Live free or die”. It was The first time I had heard of ingesting the oil extractable from the cannabis plant, stems, seeds etc. I immediately watched the other videos available from Shona as well as Rick Simpson’s “Run from the cure”, documenting the benefits of this oil for cancer patients.

I took a chance and contacted Mrs. Banda regarding some questions I had about the process. I have to admit I was very surprised not only at the warm response but at how quickly it came. Shortly after our contact I began extracting oil from saved stems and seeds as well as roaches and fresh herb.

Where I am now

After only about a month of treatment with oil I had an appointment with my surgeon to discuss the repair of the hernia. Upon his inspection it was obvious that the colostomy site had to be repaired, or taken down and relocated. He sent me for another series of tests to determine my best options, of which a colostomy reversal was the least likely.

It was 10 days before I could be squeezed in for a follow up appointment to reveal my test results, and discuss my options. Much to my surprise I was called out of the exam room I was waiting in. The films showed no signs of blockage or inflammation of any kind, and he wanted me to see them. After a few awed moments peering at those images I was encouraged back into the exam room. Once settled back inside the room I heard the words I had been waiting 7 years to hear. He would reverse my colostomy completely so long as I understood the risks.

As of the time of writing this, I am recovering from surgery at home. Using what I learned from Shona Banda I was able to accomplish in a month what doctors had not for seven years. For the first time in my 14 year fight with this horrible disease I can finally say that I am in control.

Special Thanks

First and foremost I must thank God! Only through faith, and many blessings was I able to outlast this disease to be given the knowledge and wisdom to cure myself by his provided means. I must also thank my wife, who has never left my side, no matter the hardship, I love you.

Thank you also to Shona Banda who’s courage has inspired me to not only cure myself, but share this with you today.

And lastly thank you for reading. Spread the word, The cure is real, and can be made in the comfort of your own home!

Jay Wolf


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