The Green Team Diary

By Cheri Sicard  |  August 5, 2011

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About 10 members of The Human Solution’s Green Team of solidarity ribbon clad court supporters showed up early this morning to support defendants Joe Grumbine and Joe Byron at their most recent discovery hearing.

Volunteers first gathered at Byron’s iconic Long Beach restaurant, Egg Heaven, to socialize and strategize on how to best help the two men whose medical marijuana trial is tentatively set to begin on August 22 before heading to the courthouse.

A solid court date was expected to be set at this morning’s hearing, this was put off until August 16th due to the unavailability of attorney Christopher Glew at today’s proceedings and some issues surrounding discovery.

While on the surface not much happened at today’s hearing, supporters definitely noticed a difference.

Perhaps court personnel are becoming accustomed to Green Team Supporters and realize they have nothing to fear from these law abiding patriotic Americans who care enough about the issues of justice, government accountability, and medical marijuana to take time out of their lives to show up in court in support of cannabis defendants.

Whatever the reason, many seasoned Green Teamers noted that today’s hearing saw an absence of the hostility that previously greeted them and that the bailiffs and even the judge acted far nicer.

The saga of the Joe’s will pick up again on August 16th when attorneys are expected to determine jury instructions and Judge Charles Sheldon will set a time for trial to begin.  There is even a remote chance the case could be dismissed at that point.

The Green Team is currently organizing a huge turn out of court supporters for August 16th and they encourage any and all to join.

Contact Lora at 714-949-3374 or for more details, and follow The Human Solution on Facebook and Twitter for constant updates.


Cheri Sicard is a Long Beach resident and member of The Human Solution.  She is the author of numerous published books and is currently finishing up a medical cannabis cookbook.  Stay up to date with Cheri at her blog

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