Company Uses Cannabis “Gift” To Raise Awareness For The Deaf Community

Company Uses Art With An Added Bonus To Raise Awareness For The Deaf Community

In Washington DC, marijuana is legalized, with restrictions, it is legal to possess up to two ounces of weed (depending on you location) but there is rules and restrictions about distributing and using marijuana in the District of Columbia. Now a company uses cannabis “Gift” to raise awareness for the Deaf Community 

In DC most people can’t sell weed legally,  but they can give it away. So many DC-based entrepreneurs are finding fun ways for their businesses to stand out… with marijuana.

A business called District of C  have figured out an artsy way for customers to receive donated cannabis.

District of C’s process goes as follows: you go on website, choose artwork or other merchandise that you’d like to purchase, which then gets delivered straight to your door with a “gift” included. The business has recently expanded to free pick-up service for those who just can’t wait to get their hands on their new purchase, and gift.

But Art and Free Marijuana Is Not The Only Thing Special About This Business.

The logo is a “d” and “c” created with hands. The hands show the letters in sign language – the main goal of District of C is to give opportunities to deaf artists, in order for them to showcase their work and be gainfully employed all at once.

According to Deaf to Work, there are 9 million deaf or hard of hearing people in the United States, and about 75% of them are unemployed.

District of C boasts a team of four deaf individuals who, according to their website, “aim to show the world that Deaf people can do anything,” Everyone employed by the company – from manufacturers, artists, to delivery staff, is deaf:

“We knew we wanted to start a business to support our community. Many employers are reluctant to hire deaf people due to communication barriers.We have always noticed that the deaf community has an outsized amount of visual artistic talent. When you think about it, we can’t hear, so often our other senses improve.”


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The Message

The cannabis donations is a result of the message District of C is trying to spread about employment for the deaf community.

“In order to encourage sales, an amazing group of local growers has decided to help support us by donating free gifts of marijuana to customers along with our artwork. Generally we believe 3.5 grams is included in a gift per artwork purchase.”

On top of your choice of artwork, District of C also gives options for your bud preference. You can choose your strain preference by using signs or text emojis, representing sativa, indica, or a hybrid of the two.

To learn more about District of C, check out their website.

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