Medical Marijuana Tinctures

Edibles Without The Sugar

Not all medical marijuana patients like to smoke or vape their medicine, but prefer the effects of edibles instead.

The problem is you don’t always want to have to eat something to get that effect… or, if you’re a diabetic than your choices of edibles are severely limited because most edibles are cookies, brownies, cakes and other sweets.

Tinctures might help you get around those problems…

About Alcohol Based Tinctures

In medicine, a tincture is an alcoholic extract (e.g. of leaves or other plant material) or solution of a non-volatile substance; (e.g. of iodine, mercurochrome). To qualify as a tincture, the alcoholic extract is to have an ethanol percentage of at least 40-60% (sometimes a 90% pure liquid is even achieved). [1] In herbal medicine, alcoholic tinctures are often made with various concentrations of ethanol, 25% being the most common.

Source: from Wikipedia –

About Glycerines Based Tinctures

Glycerines have a shorter shelf life than alcohol based tinctures and while they can sit on the shelf I refrigerate mine. Vegetable glycerine has nearly no impact on blood sugar or insulin and is very low in calories (4.3 per gram). It’s sweet taste makes the tincture more palatable than the alcohol based tincture and is a suitable substitute for those concerned with alcohol consumption.

Source: AAMJ

Tintures from MJ’s Wild Nectar

Fruit nectar and honey blended glycerine-based tinctures from MJ’s Wild Nectar come in a wide variety of flavors – Raspberry Raw Honey, Perfect Peach Nectar, Chocolate Raw Honey, Mango Tango Nectar and many more.

Each bottle provides enough medicine for a number of dosings – depending on the strength you require.

Medicating a couple drops at a time…

These tinctures are high in Cannabichromene (abbreviated as CBC), which provides more body relief than the psychoactive effects caused primarily by THC.

Application is easy – just a couple of drops on the tongue and then wait 15 to 30 minutes…

Note: Like with all herbal medicines, it may take a couple applications to judge what strength is best for you.


MJ’s Wild Nectars are available at MJ’s Compassionate Care at 13912 Ponderosa (Unit G) Santa Ana, 92705 and about 80 other collectives around the state (of California) – ask for it at your local collective…

Author’s Note: I originally posted this on our collective’s website (AAC) back in February 2010, but I wanted to share this great method of medicating with you.

At the time I was introduced to these Tinctures I was taking a number of Tylenol’s everyday due to a persistent headache which was a side effect of another medication. I was starting to get concerned about the long term effects of all these pills. That’s when MJ’s Wild Nectar Tinctures showed up at AAC. Right away I was able to greatly reduce the amount of Tylenol I was taking.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the new medical marijuana regulations here in Long Beach allow for a great, non-smoking alternative to smoking the herb. Hopefully that will be changed soon…

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