Tools of Change: Egypt, Michael Moore and Medical Marijuana

When Nixon began his "War on Drug" he was advised to not include cannabis but ignored that

California’s medical marijuana laws offer up so many anomalies that others states have had the opportunity to look into our language and adjust the words to fit their own state’s medical cannabis needs.

Unfortunately, the results are still out all across the board.  The fact remains that California is the ONLY state that successfully provides safe and legal access to life-saving medicines for patients the same day their doctor agrees it may in fact save their life, or at least provide a better quality of life considering the medical conditions they may be experiencing.

While most states view California’s regulations as too relaxed, they are failing to have the foresight to notice their own laws are creating bigger problems than solutions.  States that tie the hands of the patients and their doctors who may recommend this form of health care by restricting, not regulating, medical cannabis, thus creating a bigger black market for cannabis and encourage patients to go outside a regulatory system.

If patients go outside of a regulatory structure, the regulations don’t work.  In California, however, there are more and more patients entering a regulatory system.

The fact remains, patients are migrating to states that provide safe and legal access and no states makes medical marijuana more available than California.

Abuse of prescription drugs, like almost everything that exists on earth, can be lethal.  Abuse of cannabis, however, is one of the only things on the planet that is not lethal.  Even air, unless it is clean air, can lead to serious health and safety concerns in a society.

Groups advocating for the safety of our children being the reason why we must restrict patients to legal access to this medicine miss the point.

Not only do those groups continue the ill-fated rhetoric that leads teens to question the words authority figures promulgate, but they also begin to question the institution the authority figure is representing.

California’s Catch-22 includes a Board of Equalization that mandates ‘all legal sales of marijuana are subject to taxation,’ yet the law that allows for medical cannabis to exist in the first place is being interpreted as only being legal in a ‘socialized’ system of shared work, shared resources and shared results.

Medicines, according the code, are not subject to taxation unless it is an over the counter medicine.

So what does California view medical cannabis as?  An OTC, a medicine, an herbal remedy?  This definition may alter the way in which this form of medicine may be cultivated, transported, distributed, and taxed.

Is California embracing a socialist model of medical cannabis?  The modus operandi of judges and law enforcement seems to suggest only under socialism will they leave patients and providers alone.  However, the medical cannabis laws and attorney general’s guidelines makes it clear that a business license and other tools of capitalism are necessary to be a legitimate medical cannabis collective.

Enter Michael Moore.

Mr. Moore, who has had his opinions on America’s social structures turned into books, television programs, as well as award-winning films. Last year, his film Capitalism: A Love Story took a comprehensive look into American’s desire to make money for those who have it, while removing the tools necessary for those that don’t have it to make it, or even have a voice into how they want to.

Recently, his hometown and the place he calls ‘home’ has banned providing the cannabis plant for patients.  This may galvanize those who worked so hard in Michigan to secure safe and legal access for the medicine their physicians believe will benefit them.

The experiment of capitalism and the experiment of socialism has never been put perfectly into practice; America doesn’t have a truly free market and China is hardly socialist.  Now that the question of marijuana as a medicine has been answered, the fight to secure safe access has landed on the doorstep of Mr. Disestablishmentarianism right there in Flint.

We call on Mr. Moore to help the cause of medical marijuana by picking up his constitutionally-protected weapon.

No, not a gun.  The tool that revealed a successful revolution is possible in places like Egypt was non-violence and like the Egyptians we will win this fight with the tools that are protected by our constitution.  The violent forces of oppression are always too weak to win the fight against truth. The United State’s War on Drugs is seen by the majority as a war on it’s own citizens that and the citizens will win this war non-violently, no matter how much money and might is invested by the state in this fight.

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