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Medical Marijuana Helps Sick Wake Up Full of Life

s.banda 2011-06-02 3 comments

Medical Marijuana Helps Sick Wake Up Full of Life

By Shona Banda

Watching this world wake up and seeing how this Cannabis movement has changed… just in the last year alone has been amazing!!

People everywhere are becoming aware of the TRUTH! Cannabis CAN save lives!! Eating the essential oil from this amazing flower can change the life of someone who suffers from pain and illness in so many DRASTIC ways!

Please take a moment to read this heartfelt, honest, patients perspective on how Medical Marijuana has affected this womans life.


Growing up in the 60’s of course we smoked pot… I was the first girl in my grade to try it & loved it… and we’d laugh & eat cheeseburgers & have fun. Then during the later years I stopped smoking and was doing other things for a while.In 2002 my husband, Jesse, passed away from complications of Hep C. Throughout his illness he was greatly soothed, relaxed, helped with the nausea, lack of appetite & general pain & discomfort by the use of smoking cannabis. I was not an advocate at the time, but after observing him, I saw the range of positive effects it had for him.Very soon after he died, one Cannabis plant sprang up in my garden. I thought of it as a gift from Jess & grew it to flowering. It was an hermaphrodite so had both female & male parts and created seed which I gathered and have grown out ever since. I’ve developed ways to keep the seed production minimal so the strain is better every year. I work energetically with all the plants, reminding them that they’re here to serve humanity with enlightening those who smoke it, meditating with it, doing Reiki & Tai Chi with them… I have a personal relationship & natural affinity with the plants and love growing, talking to & working with them!So, since I have a small business making herbal healing products, I began to experiment & formulate with the cannabis plant and let a few trusted friends try a Hemp Help Salve & Arnica Relief Extra Strength pain relief salve. They said they work wonders! One patient with pancreatic cancer said it was the only relief he got even taking pharmaceutical drugs. Whenever I get a massage I have the salve or oil used on my muscles with great soothing relief. I am always trying to find ever more efficient ways of extracting the active ingredients for the topicals.
When I first heard about Rick Simpson’s Cure Oil after seeing Christian Laurette’s video, I immediately knew I wanted to make it & try it. I had multiple health issues and decided to try it even before I got approved as a legal patient. I met Shona Banda on facebook who had healed herself & she was a staunch advocate & helped me get started by sharing details & lots of support. The strain & grade of cannabis I was using most likely has less active ingredient than most Medical strains but I began to feel better within a few days.

I had been on multiple Pharmaceutical meds for my problems. Almost every night I’d need to take one or more controlled substance drugs in order to have little enough pain that I could sleep at all. Then I’d have to deal with the inevitable side effects. And deal with the concern of becoming addicted or tolerated. The doctors I was seeing were giving me more & more prescriptions for more questionable drugs (horrible side effects) for sleep, depression, cholesterol & pain.

Now, I haven’t taken a muscle-relaxer since I started the Cure Oil and only a med for a migraine twice in 8 months. I use topical applications of Cannabis salves often on all painful areas. My partner uses it all day at work as needed for pain of old injuries & muscle strained areas & he’s not a guy likely to use anything much on his body. The relief is a Godsend in the truest sense!

So here is the list of problems I had:
• Severe Migraine (all my life)
• Bone spur on spine pressing on nerves causing limb pain – neuropathy
• Herniated Disc in lower back
• Diagnosed progressive Arthritic condition of feet Hallux Limitus (injuries as a dancer)
• Diagnosed Fibromyalgia inflammation – severe chronic pain
• High Cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, weight loss difficulty (Metabolic Syndrome)
• Pre-Diabetic condition (High blood sugar readings)
• Insomnia
• Depression

Most recent results: (8 months later)
• I now sleep very well & am not plagued with depression!
• Migraines way less often, not as severe.
• Blood sugar & triglycerides in normal range
• Cholesterol lowered over 100 points, close to normal range
• Fibromyalgia flares mild & less often
• General pain & neuropathy & feet & back pain is lessened in severity so I can work in the greenhouse & gardens and studio and do Tai Chi again (had to stop for 2 years)
• I’ve also lost 20 pounds (it helped that I quit sugar!) and more to go soon!

Recently I ran out of material for Oil and just lessened my doses then since I had been feeling good, stopped all oil for a few days. Within a week I was in a full blown Fibro flare and nerve pain. Really miserable..! It was a good marker of how far I’d come and how much better I felt & was functioning when I took the oil. I made a fresh batch and dosed myself 3x’s daily and by the third day, was 85% better.

The plant is a sacred totem ally for me! I feel thankful for it all the time, love to work with the plants in all stages of its being and am willing to stand up in whatever way I can to advocate for it… healing recreation, industrial, food!



Postscript: Since this was written I have added the Cure Oil (also known as Phoenix Tears, Rick Simpson’s Oil, etc) to salves, lotions & oils from my Walk in Beauty line of natural skin products and have created the *Super* line of topicals. Super Sacred Circle while excellent & originally formulated as an all-herbal natural alternative to Neosporin, now with the Cure oil added is even more effective for rapid healing of skin conditions of all kinds & is also appearing to help with arthritic or muscular pain. I’ve also created the Super Arnica Relief formula, Super Gaia Protection Face Cream, Super Facial Oil & Super Lotusheart Body Lotion. LotusHeart Apothecary is being born!”

If you have a testimonial you would like to share please let us know! The more who share their stories for the world to see the closer we are to ending needless pain and suffering for all of humanity, everywhere… with a simple little plant.

Thank You Vicki, for your wonderful story! Inspirational and self empowering for so many!!




  1. Karen Marcos

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    Karen Marcos

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  3. hernán perez

    My name is Hernán from southamerica , i have ulcerative colitis since my 19´s, and i´was since then continuesly suffering from pains, so i can understand what went through the lady shona, but just after my last fall , i consider trying nonortodox methods of curing, so after a couple of sleepless days and full of pain and blood and thinking of just surgery as last resourse (because the remicade is no longer for me after a anaphilaxis crisis and i have pancolitisis wich it mean the whole colon is compromised) I decided to voporize j with a spoon a little of weed of my own that i cared as grass because i never took care of it , even I had forgotten I had this plant in my garden (the whole life cycle) so It grew up like a simple weed or yuyo like we call it here.but It functioned the same to heal my disease with celerity and without pain, kind of the decition it´s just up to us , it doesn´t belong to any goverment, doctors or even a any human law. be it in the past or in the future ,
    so open up your mind and try,use and support natural and free medicine..
    so as shona says live free or die.
    thank you all