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15 Dec

Chauncey Billups Admits That He Is Among Those Who Use Marijuana For Medical Purposes

Billups, Though Retired Since 2014, Advocates The Lifting Of The Ban Of Medical Marijuana Chauncey Billups admits that he is among those who use marijuana for medical purposes. With this, he stands with all other NBA players and big shots who wants to change the anti-drug policy of the biggest Basketball Association. Chauncey Billups was

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14 Dec

United States Senator Admits to Using Marijuana As Medicine

Senator Uses Medical Marijuana For Hodgkin Lymphoma United States Senator Admits to Using Marijuana As Medicine- State Sen. Mike Folmer, who pushed a medical marijuana legalization bill (That became law) in Pennsylvania earlier this year, used medical marijuana while undergoing treatment for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. He used marijuana in conjunction with chemotherapy and said he has

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