Find A Cure Panel Teams Up With Unconventional Foundation for Autism

Find A Cure Panel in Los Angeles has teamed up with The Unconventional Foundation for Autism their current research project.

You are more than welcome to forward on our behalf and help us contribute to being the solution to this misunderstood diagnosis.

Find A Cure Panel specializes in patient/caregiver research for serious diseases and disorders including autism.

FACP has a current 60 minute anonymous PHONE survey that carries a donation to U4FA for caregivers with the following:

1)      who have kids ages 3 to 8

2)      whose kids have moderate-severe to severe autism

3)      live in the following Western states:


Note there are four degrees of severity here:

1) mild

2) moderate

3) moderate-severe

4) severe

They are looking for people who have children in categories 3 and 4 – moderate to severe and severe.

How does this work?

1)      A call will be scheduled at your convenience the week of July  10, 2011 or July 17, 2011.

2)      You will be given a call in number.

3)      You call in and identify yourself as:  John/Joan etc.  No other personal information will be provided.

Be sure to reference The Unconventional Foundation for Autism when emailing FACP.

If you are interested in participating, please email FACP at:


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