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17 Jan

Marijuana Phenotypes And Genotypes

Genetics Of Marijuana Marijuana Phenotypes And Genotypes –  With marijuana sometimes the same strains can have distinctly different effects as well as tasting vastly different. There are two reasons behind this phenomenon: growing technique and genetics. Like any other plant, there is going to be a difference based on different grow practices or a different environment. Where the

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21 Dec

Groundbreaking Medical Marijuana Study At America’s First Hospice

BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Easing pain and improving quality of life for end of life patients — the focus of a groundbreaking medical marijuana study. Groundbreaking medical marijuana study at America’s first hospice- The first of its kind in New England. The research will soon be underway at  The Connecticut Hospice in Branford. This is a federally

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03 Dec

How Cannabis Works to Treat Seizures, ADD and IBS

From Dr.David Bearman and The Huffington Post How cannabis works to treat Seizures, ADD and IBS- All mammals, including humans, incorporate ontologically the old reptilian brain (the midbrain), which is responsible for most of our primitive emotions and is important to our survival. When the midbrain is over-stimulated it takes over some of the control,

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