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12 Mar

Does Weed Go Bad?

Does your marijuana have a best used by date? From StrainCentral: “Thought i’d look through some comments and find something you guys suggested to so a topic video today!” Watch below to find out, does weed go bad?   Andrew BohanAndrew Bohan is a part time contributor to Medical Marijuana 411.

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06 Mar

Life of a Cannabis Farmer

Farming cannabis in the new economy Medical marijuana farmer Tom Lauerman has dedicated his life to normalizing cannabis in the U.S. He went from being arrested at his medical collective in 1999, to working with the federal government today to establish the first ever national safety guidelines for the cannabis industry.   Andrew BohanAndrew Bohan

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28 Feb

Marijuana Mania Episode 1

What does it take to create new marijuana strains? In the premiere episode of Marijuana Mania, Berner takes you on an exclusive trip to the Cookie Fam’s farm to talk breeding and then to the 3rd Generation Family farm during harvest season to get an inside look at what it actually takes to create some

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10 Feb

The Cash Crop: Canadian Cannabis

Vice takes a look at how Canada is missing out on an economic windfall by continuing down a path of restrictive marijuana policies. Damian Abraham, a medical marijuana user and overall weed enthusiast, went out to Vancouver and Denver to compare the grey market of dispensaries in British Columbia (which are now in the crosshairs

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